Steung Thmey

Steung Thmey

Located the Pursat Province of Cambodia. The home is set back in a remote village surrounded by wooden and grass dwellings, about a three and a half hour drive from the provincial capital.

During the rainy season, reaching this home is extremely difficult as dirt roads turn to muddy swamps. This extremely remote area is home to Cambodia’s logging industry and ninety percent of the workforce are loggers. The majority of the population relies on kerosene and wood for fuel and river water, wells and natural springs as their primary water source.

The Steung Thmey church is pastored by Bun Yeoum. Each morning the kids, along with the staff members and caregivers, wake up at five o’clock and participate in morning devotions. After devotions they sit down to their usual meal of rice porridge.

Finished with eating, the younger kids gather their school supplies and walk 1.5 km to school. The older kids carry out their daily chores such as cleaning rooms, washing dishes and clothes, helping prepare the vegetables, and feeding the animals. At noon the younger kids come home and the older kids go to school.

In the evening, after dinner, all the kids gather for evening bible study. This is a special time for reflecting and discussing the day. Finally, just before bed the kids review their school lessons and at eight thirty it’s time to sleep!.

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