Takeo Leu

Takeo Leu

The Takeo Leu home was constructed in 2005, the Takeo Leu church home is located in the Pursat Province in the Western region of Cambodia.

The Church Orphan Home is surrounded by acres of rice fields, set on the outskirts of Pursat, the main town in the province. Most houses in this area are wooden and grass dwellings. Cambodians in this area primarily make a living by chiseling stone statues or wooden carvings.

Thirty percent of the children in the church home came from a Buddhist temple. After being abandoned by their parents, the children turned to the monks to care for them. However, the monks could only provide food for them. After some time, the monks could not feed the children anymore due to poverty in the village. A policeman in the area knew the pastor at the Takeo Leu church. After hearing the news, the pastor went to gather the children and took them in. Now the children are cared for.

The children in the church home grow to learn physical skills as well as spiritual. The children begin their day with morning devotions followed by breakfast. The school aged children attend school while the younger children stay home and play. Upon returning home, the children help with house chores. After dinner, everyone gathers for evening devotions. Some children review their school lessons from school in the evening. Children then hang the mosquito nets before going to sleep. The church home functions together as a family.

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