Toul Domnak


Toul Domnak

Built in May of 1999, the Family Home in Toul Domnak Village is located in the Barray District of the Kompong Thom province of Cambodia. Pastor Meas Houen and his wife, along side seven caregivers watch over the thirty-six kids who live at this home.A day in the life of an orphan at this home typically begins at five o’clock in the morning. They wake and participate in morning devotions. After devotions they sit down to their usual meal of white rice, dried fish, and pickles. Finished with eating the younger kids gather their school supplies and walk to school. The older kids carry out their daily chores such as cleaning rooms, washing dishes, washing clothes and cooking food. When its time to relax the boys enjoy soccer and the girls jumping rope. At noon the young kids come home and the older kids go to school. The pastor of this home has just finished building an outdoors work shelter for bed construction. Toul Domnak is going to hand craft beds. They will sell these beds in the market to bring in some income for food, clothing, and school for the kids.

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