Anlong Veng

Anlong Veng

Anlong Veng

The Anlong Veng home is located in Anlong Veng District in the Odormeanchey Province of Cambodiasetting of the home is a landscape that is well wooded and dotted with wooden thatch-roofed dwellings. The Anlong Veng Home is located a short distance from the small mountain range that separates Cambodia from Thailand in the Northwest. The area is beautiful.Unfortunately, much of the land that one would love to hike through or explore is plagued with land mines. Straying off the beaten path can be dangerous. In the recent past, many battles have taken place in Anlong Veng.The area was one of the last strongholds of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge Regime. The Khmer Rouge held power there until 1998. Many of the residents were soldiers in the power struggle.There are many orphans in the District. Many childrens parents have lost and are losing their lives in battle or from the landmines that still remain. A high number of Anlong Veng’s people have lost limbs to landmines.The church was planted in Anlong Veng in the year 2000, when the Gospel message shared with and accepted by one family. That family spread the Good News to others in the community, and the Church began to grow in Anlong Veng. The orphans and caregivers of the Anlong Veng church home have just moved into their new home. At least four months before the construction of their new building fashioned out of brick, concrete, and beautiful wood from the region, orphaned children lived in the pastor’s small, wooden dwelling.

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