Chomka Chek

Chomka Chek

There are many orphans in Pursat. Parents of those children typically died a in battle or of AIDS and other diseases. They were killed in battles fought against the Khmer Rouge in the early 1990’s.The Chomka Chek Church Orphan Home is ministering to its community. Those living near the home notice that the children are being raised well. They see that the children have good morals, good attitudes, and are good citizens as they are taught from the Bible. Once hostile towards the establishment of the church orphanage, the neighbors are now happy to see its good work.First thing each morning, the children awake to pray. Then, they water the home’s plants and clean around the home. After breakfast, some of the children go to the government school while the children who attend school in the afternoon have an English class and play until lunchtime. All the children meet back at the home to eat lunch.

The children who went to school in the morning have a little while to relax and play after lunch, before they study English in the home. The other children go to the school soon after lunch. After school, the children play together until dinner. After dinner, they have an evening devotional and review their lessons before going to sleep. The Chomka Chek Home is a happy place.

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