Construction with Booshway and the Bridge Church

The Steung Thmei (means “New River”) is a very remote Church/Home in our FCOP system. It is built at the foot of the Cardoman Mountains near the Thai border. Fortunately, a new road has made the place accessible, but when we built it, most of the supplies were brought in by ox cart over mountain trails. As a result of the isolation, the people there are very independent and self sufficient. They learned how to survive on subsistence agriculture, and hunting. The problem is, our church home is trying to produce livestock and crops, and, well the boundaries haven’t been fenced in, so, much of the livestock is poached or killed by predators, both two and four legged.
Two great teams combined forces to build almost a kilometer of fence to protect the livestock and crops. The smaller portion is fenced in with chain-link wire to keep out dogs, thieves and protect the chickens, pigs, ducks, cows and whatever else they are trying to raise. The larger portion is fenced in with barb wire to keep wandering livestock from eating their crops. The “Booshway Boys”, of Lafayette, Colorado, and The Bridge Church from Portland, Oregon, dug hundreds of holes in rocky ground, cast dozens of concrete poles and bricked up hundreds of meters of base for the chain link, built a gate, rebuilt the bridge and bought hundreds of fire treated “iron wood” fenceposts, (it won’t rot for decades) for the barbed wire fence. Thanks Teams. It looks great!

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