Convention Speaker

Ted Olbrich speaking at the 2012 Foursquare International Convention

Sorry to be late! I just returned from the USA where I attended the Foursquare Connection. I was the Wednesday evening speaker, and though I signed away the rights to the presentation, the prepared copies were gone in minutes after the program ended. I don’t even have one. If you’d like to purchase a copy, try surfing the web. The only thing I can find is a copy of the entire convention for $149 and I don’t think I’m worth that much! If you should find one please let me know.

I have two disclaimers before you view it. One, contrary to the introduction, I never worked for the CIA (I know that those of us working in Laos for various three letter companies during the “Secret War” have a hard sell trying to convince anyone of this, but my official I.D. stated “US Embassy Contract Employee” and I worked for IVS and ADO). Two, I am the one who made the “Fraudulent” decision not to give credit to the Holy Spirit in “Awakening Cambodia”. The movie has been a big help to us, and I have nothing but gratitude and respect for producer Rob Marcarelli and the Foursquare Foundation. I apologize for not making that clearer!


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