Faith Comes By Hearing

Proclaimers help FCOP spread the Gospel to the iliterate

Proclaimers help FCOP spread the Gospel to the illiterate

Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) has supplied over 3000 “Proclaimers” to FCOP. Each of these units can be heard by up to 300 people and the Bible verses are dramatically read in the local Cambodian, or in some cases, Lao dialect. Since, in the areas the “Proclaimers” are used, the population is 60-80% illiterate, the people are oral learners, and these units are a huge boost.

Jim Gleason, the FCBH, Asia Representative was just here, and we anxiously await another shipment of the combination, solar, battery,  crank generator and power cord operated units. I think Morgan Jackson took lessons from our veterinarian friend. Under any circumstance, you’re going to get some Bible out!


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