Fire From Heaven

People prayed and God answered from Heaven with fire!

God doesn’t take holidays. He forgives all our sins and plans a great future for us. Thirteen years ago He sent rainbow colored fire down on a group of rebellious pastors in front of a town of about 600 people. One of those men still pastors that church and, at that time,  the entire village came to Christ, but through the years they began to drift away.

This time the pastors had gathered together to pray specifically for Sou and I and for health and for provision for 2013. It was shortly after noon on Dec 26, 2012 when they were praying fervently in the Holy Spirit when several of the village elders were gathered across the street from the Toule Dam Nak Church Home. There was also a group of five orphan kids playing nearby. What they saw frightened and amazed them.

They saw the entire front of the church engulfed in flames. The fire was rainbow colored with red blue and yellow mixed together, they did not know how to respond as it seemed out of control. They called out to the children at rest in the second story to come out because the home was on fire! Others saw the fire as well and then after about two minutes it suddenly went out. They went to find ashes from some substance in the church but only found the pastors in prayer.

Pastor Meas Heoun explained that this was the presence the Holy Spirit and the elders once more, as in year 2000, responded, “Your God has big power!” Sorry, no pictures of the fire, but the church was full on Sunday. “Auld Lang Syne” my friends, and Happy New Year!


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