Healthy Kids = Healthy Futures


What’s a rice crop have to do with building a church and protecting thousands of young Cambodians from “Human Trafficking”? We always knew that Thany and his two younger brothers, who were raised at FCOP, were prime victims for human trafficking but I never really understood the depths of his emotions until we sat down to do a short video (see video here and please feel free to use this video in any way that will help defeat this common enemy of the human race). As for Thany, he could use some math lessons! He realized after the fact, that he started counting the pregnancy from the wrong month.  The baby girl he and his wife were expecting on June 26th was born a month early on May 30th. Everyone is fine and Thany is a very happy father! What’s this have to do with rice? We have to pay for the care we give and thousands of kids cost money to raise.  Our biggest single expense is food.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.