Kim Ngun’s Story


My name is Kim Ngun, I am a nine-year-old boy and I live at the Toule Serey, FCOP Church/Home.  I have never known my parents. I have been told that my mother gave me to someone to take care of me when I was one day old. My mother left me with this person at the hospital and never returned. To this day no one has any information about my parents. The woman who took me at the hospital had milk for me because she had a small baby also, she took me home but she already had many children and they were very poor, they did not have enough food for their own children and could not feed me.

When I was old enough to live without milk they brought me to the Toule Serey Church/Home. I have really grown up here. Now I have new parents who really love me at the Church/Home. I get plenty of good food to eat, clothes to wear for school and for playing, and I get to go to school. I am very happy about that because the family that had me cannot send their kids to school and I feel very sorry for them. I am very thankful to those who help FCOP because they take such good care of me and have a heart to help many children who don’t have a good place to stay. I want to say, God bless you!


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