Kompong Thom Foundations

 “When the Foundations are weak the Houses can tumble.” I’m talking about people and churches, not buildings. Imagine this! Thousands of churches are planted over an 18 year history, people are hungry for God, but there are few Bibles, and almost no trained leaders. The work grows through thousands of orphans being released into the countryside after being raised in the church. Home groups and churches are planted in every province of Cambodia. But at the same time, every religion that has any remote claim to Christ, begins looking for the low hanging fruit. Every group form the Moonies to the Mormons showed up, all claiming to be Christians. Eager for fellowship, the pastors invite them in, they are given money as a token of “friendship”, and confusion reigns!
Last year we finished the foundational Catechism, “Rooted and Grounded”. This year we completed the accompanying notebook. Both written in Cambodia for Cambodians Our Goal is to see 6000 leaders trained in this by the end of next year. We are applying for a grant to see it become a reality. Pray we get it! Regardless of the fact we don’t have the money, we plod on. This month Mak Sou went to Khampong Thom, Province to teach the leaders there. It does cost money, we need this grant.

 Help us change a nation one life at a time.