Kun’s Story


My name is Chum Kun, I have three brothers and a sister, my parents passed away when I was 7 year old. My father was cursed by a witch doctor and he died. I don’t know what really caused his death. My mother was very distressed, and within a few months she just fell down, like she had fainted, and she also died.  Then, in that time, I had no place to go and to live so, I moved with my three brothers and one sister to live with my uncle when I was seven years old. Even though they are poor, he had eight children of his own, and they don’t have anything extra to eat, still, they accepted and loved us very much. There was no room for us, and I could see everyone was suffering from lack of space and food.  In 2002 there was a man coming to visit my uncle, and that man told my uncle about the FCOP church home in Toule Surey.

After that, my uncle asked me and my brothers if we wanted to come to live in FCOP Church home? It was only five kilometers from our home. Then, I told him, “Yes, I want to go!”, because we were all hungry and had no place to sleep!  From that day I lived at FCOP until I got my job. They gave us a good food, education and clothes. I saw how they loved Jesus and helped us, so I became a Christian.

I was able to go to visit my uncle and cousins on holidays. FCOP helped my Uncle and cousins when they were sick. Even though I have an opportunity to attend school, when I was studying in grade nine, I changed my mind and I went to go to study a skill at Don Bosco School in Khampong Some, in restaurant and hotel management. I lived in the FCOP home there. While I was studying I accidentally dropped an electric meat cutting machine. The machine cost $300.00, and I was in trouble, because it was my mistake, but FCOP helped me by paying for the machine.

I am really successful after graduation from Don Bosco. Now, I am working for a 5 star Hotel that is Raffles Hotel Le Royal where a I am a chef. I really thank God fully for preparing everything for me. I thank FCOP for supporting me and giving me a life I never thought I would have.  I am forever grateful!

Now, I have become somebody like other people only dream about


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.