We Matter!


These kids matter to God; they matter to us as well.

The 16 years of our operations has been hard on our church home structures. Acid rain has rusted roofs, termites have chewed up wood, and water has caused rot in beams. 15,000 orphans have been raised in these facilities at some point in that time, and hundreds of thousands of Cambodians have come to Christ, but a lot of homes need renovations. Our two floating churches have exceeded their life expectancy and need major rebuilds. Teams are a vital part of our survival, but, what teams bring is much more than money and labor, it’s the sense that “We matter” that is imparted to kids who have been discarded. That is so big, it is impossible to place a value on the benefit! Buildings can rot, and roofs cave in, but a life changed extends into eternity. To this end, once more, we received a great team from Living Water, the Olympia Foursquare church. Thanks for the blessing in money, material and labor, but mostly for the value you have imparted to the kids.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.