Rice Farm


Rice harvesting in the middle of a flood

Rice production is our FCOP plan to escape dependency, but we need to grow and develop. We lost money this year due to flooding; but that’s no surprise to a farmer. It happens! Many of our neighboring farmers did not even get to harvest their rice crop due to the floods.

But what we saw is that on our developed land that is diked and irrigated, we harvested 6 to 8 tons per hectare. On our partially developed land, yields were running between one and two tons per hectare. However, most of our land is not yet developed. We could use a “hand-up”. We have great plans, but as my father said, “No soup is ever eaten as hot as it is cooked,” but then he added, “Don’t cry over spilled milk!” And that’s a good place to leave 2013. Happy New Year!

FCOP Cambodia blesses you with a very joyous, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling 2014!


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