Sex Trafficking Scam

Scam Exposed

Scam Exposed

The whole “House of cards came tumbling down.” The New York Times and CNN got caught with major egg on their faces. It turned out the cornerstone of all their ‘anti-slavery’, ‘sexual trafficking’ claims was built on multiple fabrications. Dozens of NGO’s, which I refer to as the “Rescue Rangers” are scrambling to explain their deceptions.

A credible researcher, Laura Agustin, writes: “The trafficking hoo-hah is not “myth,” but a terrible misnomer and misframing…. To focus on accountability implies that one accepts that there is a verifiable phenomenon to be accountable about, to espouse the fundamental propositions about human trafficking promoted by government, moral entrepreneurs, and the media, which cry that trafficking, especially the kind where women sell sex, is the great scourge of our time. To focus on accountability assumes that the dominant narrative is based on reality, and all we have to do is quibble about individual ethics and demand high standards. This is all wrong.”

What more can I say? I’ve been telling you this was mostly “baloney” for years!



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