Supernatural Ministry


Lame Man Walks

It is essential that if you desire supernatural results you attempt supernatural ministry. There really was a reason why Jesus spent so much of His ministry time healing folks. It was their greatest need, and He could meet it, re-connecting them to their Heavenly Father. Has He changed? What part of that does the Church not understand?  We pray, take authority over and cast out some of the devil’s junk on a daily basis. Do we bat 1000? No, but we do get quite a few home runs. The bolder the church gets, the better our batting average.

I wasn’t physically present for any of these momentous events, but to mention a few of God’s “power moves” for which we have photos: there was a woman instantly healed of breast cancer in Tumnup, a baby with water retention healed in Khampong Leng, a lame man healed at Preh Toat, and an insane women set free in Phdau Penh.



 Help us change a nation one life at a time.