The Million Mile Truck!

The MILLION MILE TRUCK!! Lou Binninger, a “Rock Star” in the Spirit realm! The guy who for the past 17 years has been lining up food shipments for FCOP, was here visiting Cambodia. We went out to the National Training Center and I showed Lou our “Million Mile Truck”. It was old and well-used when I was visiting Gleanings For the Hungry near Fresno, CA, USA about 15 years ago. They had purchased a replacement truck, and I told them, “We could use that truck in Cambodia.” They took a few minutes and said, “We’ll give it to you.”  With the wheel hubs scraping both sides of the container as we loaded it, they had to take the back window out to allow the driver to exit the truck. Every year it has hauled hundreds of tons of nutrition rice meals, and other food stuffs to support the over 100 church/homes caring for orphaned, separated and abandoned children and widows. We got a “Cut off” on our nutrition rice for a couple of months due to all the relief efforts around the world, but Lou came through with a load of nutrition rice from Convoy of Hope, and 40 tons of rice from our friends at the Butte County Rice Growers, and far West Rice. We bridged what seemed to be an impassable chasm, grabbed for a star, and now, Reach Now International is back with a load for October!


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