The Stampede

Eighteen years in the same saddle, attempting to herd Cambodian pastors, orphans, staff and general population into the kingdom of God, both Sou and I in our seventies this year, It has been a long ride! So, we are working to transition the leadership of FCOP over to a board directed Cambodian team, over the next 5 years. Last month, some crucial progress was made in the form of a matching grant, on developing the most critical factor of transition, a sustained financial support system for the Cambodian orphans and widows, the Rice Farm Development. Good friends have suggested, “Why don’t you just retire? You’ve already established a good church.” And one “friend” critically added, “All you care about is money!” H’mm?? I can see why some feel that way. But, in my defense; hungry orphans don’t give you a lot of “wiggle room”. And, $2,500,000 per year is tough to raise from, mostly rural, Cambodian churches. Which, may make me look like a mono-maniac on a mission. But the simple truth is, an unbending resolve is essential! Or, God’s most valued people, the orphans and widows, get trampled under the hoofs of “political correctness”, or more correctly, put out on the street. It is easy to go with the herd, and even more fun to run with it! “Shut down orphan care, they break up families!” But, what if the herd is going in the wrong direction? Anyone can get in front of a stampede and claim to be a leader, but the question is: “Can they turn the stampede around?” Well, we may get trampled, but it won’t be for lack of trying. But, you may ask, “What does, your transition have to do with a rice farm and the movement to shut down orphan homes?”


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.