Women In Ministry in Cambodia

“VISION” It’s been a big topic in both Christian and secular realms for at least two decades. Hundreds of books have been written on the subject. I’ve probably read at least a dozen. All of them had at least a few good concepts, some, in my opinion, reduced the subject to a mere ‘planning process’. So, who cares? I do, because I didn’t find any of the books, which I have read, that capture the essence of what I call “Vision”.

You see, I don’t believe you can develop “Vision”, it is a gift. Its like faith with a specific point. Even though you don’t see “Vision” with your physical eye, in a way it becomes more real than something you just see. And here is the part I think is unique, you always see “You” in the picture. Vision can inspire nations, it can inspire churches, it can inspire corporations, it inspires individuals, but I don’t believe it is corporately developed. Someone sees it, owns it, and passes it on.

Here’s the rub, vision can inspire people and be used to lead, even though the followers never really “get it”; they’re just inspired by it, to the point of dying for it (Jesus in the positive, Hitler in the negative). That’s good, but it is also what bothers me. I see Cambodia as a Christian nation, that vision has led our denomination to become the largest Church in the country, yet, how many see Cambodia as a Christian nation as an accomplished reality? To find these people is my most urgent felt need. We train 4000 pastors a month, first 123 leaders are trained at the District and Divisional level. They then, pass it on.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.