Ta Gnaok

Ta Gnaok

The Ta Gnaok home is a beautiful, new building housing a happy family of orphans, caregivers, and church staff.

The home is located in the Ta Gnaok village of Cambodia’s Kompong Thom Province. The home is built on the main road connecting Phnom Penh to Siem Reab. The Ta Gnaok home is nestled in a landscape of fruit trees and small farms. The people of Ta Gnaok are farmers. They farm rice and grow fruit for harvest. Few are educated. They struggle with poverty and making it through each year.

When one travels to Ta Gnaok he notices a great number of children. People in this rural village tend to marry early and have kids. Unfortunately, such marriages often do not last for a very long time. Children are often abandoned.

Not only does the Ta Gnaok home stand out in an area dotted with wooden shacks, it also stands out in ministry to its community. Church members who have been taking care of orphaned and abandoned children were happy to see such a nice facility constructed to care for the orphans. The church was planted in 1999, after a group from another nearby church and orphan home came to share the Gospel with the people of Ta Gnaok. The Ta Gnaok home was completed and dedicated on Jan. 24, 2002. It continues to grow and care for more and more needy children.

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