Khnar Sa

Knar Sa

The Khnar Sa Church Orphan Home stands out in a landscape of rice paddies. It is located in the Srei Santhor District of Kompong Cham Province.Landfill was hauled in to keep the Khnar Sa home safe from the floods. Construction of this home was completed in August of 2001. Nearly three dozen orphaned children live in this church orphan home.`Most of the population in Khnar Sa struggles through life in poverty. A typical family of Khnar Sa tries to make a living raising ducks and by farming rice to eat. Every year during the monsoon season, water levels rise to cover the province. They must store food and goods during the dry season to survive each season of floods. The annual floods make construction of roads very difficult. All homes must be constructed on stilts.

The children of Khnar Sa start each morning at 5 o’clock with a devotional and time of worship. Then, after breakfast, the children attend their local school. They are back home around noon for lunch. After lunch, the children are free until 2 p.m. to play or retreat from the hot sun with an afternoon nap. At 2 o’clock, they begin studying the Bible, Khmer, and English. After their lessons, they can play until dinner. Dinner is followed by a time of prayer. Before going to sleep around 7:00 or 7:30 p.m., the children have time to review their lessons and study.

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