Lamb is the eight orphan home located in Battambang.Situated right on the Thai border, this area was heavily bombed during the war. As a result, unexploded ordnance still litters the area. Today, Lamb serves as second major entry point into Cambodia from Thai.

Most of the villagers in Lamb are rice farmers and tapioka. Random droughts and floods are one of the many problems that make harvesting a plentiful rice crop difficult. In addition to rice, the surrounding region’s agriculture is comprised mostly of corn, potatoes, bananas, mulberries and cotton.

However, high food deficiencies are primarily the result of poor soil conditions and the recurring cycle of flooding and drought. Suicide, aids and land mines are just a few other contributing factors to the orphan population. Any way, there are many glue sniffer.

The Lamb Church Orphan Home was dedicated in 2008. Every morning, the children begin their day with a morning devotional. After a time of bible study, worship, and prayer, they eat breakfast. Some go to school in the morning, and others attend school after lunch. When the children are not in school, they help with household chores; take a nap, study or play. The children enjoy playing soccer, Cambodian games, and learning traditional dances.

Everyday, the children study English at a class held in the home. After studying English, the children participate in an evening devotional and then review their lessons before going to sleep.

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